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中国人からメールが届きましたが [処ン]の箇所だけ文字化けしていて解りません。 参考URL 1 [処ン] http://search.yahoo.co.jp/search?p=%E5%87%A6%EF%BE%9D&ei=UTF-8&fr=

ただのキーホルダーじゃない――「ノートパソコン用 ボール型スタンド
注目のCULTUREトピックス – lived · 【日本HP】Directplus 楽天市場店/Yahoo!店限定の20インチ液晶一体型パソコンが · 世界中に高品質パソコンを供給する製造の最前線、東芝情報機器杭州社を訪ねて(BCNランキング) – · 3Dディスプレイ市場が急拡大、眼鏡

仕事するのにオフィスはいらない(本が好き!) – 注目のCULTURE
ヨッシー弐号@PCパソコンオタクのITニュースのPCパソコンオタクのITニュースexpressの記事、仕事するのにオフィスはいらない(本が好き!) – 注目のCULTUREトピックス – livedです。

Tohoku summer festival program still on track – Cool Japan Guide
The colorful map also introduces the culture of “otaku” — obsessive fans of anime and video games — by showing photographs and captions of main otaku districts across Japan including Tokyo's Akihabara. (Kyodo) Japan's stark truth

AGO Extended Interview, Christine Choi


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Time-space warp, explosion – BusinessWorld Online

Time-space warp, explosion
BusinessWorld Online
There's Takashi Murakami whose sculptures and "superflat" paintings are a nod to "otaku" culture ("otaku" translates loosely to a geek obsessed with anime and manga). And locally, all you have to do is go up one floor to the Met's Upper Galleries,

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Soul Eater Medusa Hoodie Jacket Cosplay

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Medusa (?????, Medy?sa) is a witch who infiltrates DWMA under the guise of a kind nurse to awaken Asura and continue her research on the black blood. She is Crona’s mother, and through years of abuse and research, she infuses Crona with the black blood and Ragnarok, and manipulates Crona into a ruth

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