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オタクや、腐女子とそれ以外の人(普通の人?)の境界線ってどこだと思いますか? まわりに、自分は腐女子だとかオタクだとか言ってる人が何人かいて 自分はどうなんだろう? と思ったからで..

Tokyo Anime Center draws 'otaku' – ヤプログ
TAC's mission is to promote Japanese animation, which today represents the country's pop culture worldwide. The center is run by the Association of Japanese Animations, whose primary goals include developing new anime technologies and

パリ小町 – 着物で何かできること @パリ – The primer exhibit to
It is the largest Japanese cultural festival in all of Europe. The exhibition introduces versatile cultural aspects of Japan (traditional, Pop, Otaku, High-Tech, etc.) All share a space without an order, which creates the space looking

'Akiba Tokyo' anime song event headed for Hong Kong debut
The convention is expanding its scale to accommodate the region's growing otaku culture. The CWHK used to be a one-day event, but will be held over two days on Aug. 27-28 this year. Akiba Tokyo will be held as an after-party event.

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萌え~ はっぴ 赤 /moe otaku happy red happi/アキバ定番土産

価格: 1,990円 レビュー評価: レビュー数:

でも現代外国人は「Manga & Otaku & Akiba Moe」と答える。
だから萌え~ オタク ハッピーはっぴ。

ウケを狙いたい日本人諸君に!外人の日本土産に! 是非♪

もちろん卒業旅行にきて行くと皆の注目浴びること間違いなし! サブカルチャーオタクのメッカ秋葉原の定番土産物 ヲタ芸するならコ

TAKASHI MURAKAMI: Flowers, Nirvana and Kakai Kiki – ArtfixDaily (press release)

ArtfixDaily (press release)

TAKASHI MURAKAMI: Flowers, Nirvana and Kakai Kiki
ArtfixDaily (press release)
The frivolity of the otaku obsessed culture and lifestyle, Japanese consumerism, and sexual fetishism are some of the recurring themes in his work. Born in 1962 in Tokyo, Murakami attended the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music,

K-ON! Mio Akiyama School Uniform Ver. figma Action Figure

Price : $49.95 AverageRating : Reviews :
The easily-embarrassed, lefty bassist! From the anime series ‘K-ON’ comes the long-awaited figma of the shy bassist from Sakura High’s music club, Mio Akiyama! Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out various scenes. A flexible plastic is used for areas such as the blazer and s



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