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パソコンとTVを繋いでの3D映像の視聴をしたいと思っているのですが可能かどうか分かる方、実際やっている方がいれば意見をお伺いしたいと思います。 TVは一般的な3D対応のテレビ(ビエラや

Judit Kawaguchi's (川口ユディ) FAN BLOG Mr. Monozukuri, Morinosuke
Keep you posted. Also, if you know a publisher or you are a publisher who wants a hit in English, French, Malay, any language, this is the book! It explains Japanese technology and coolness, otaku culture, like no book has ever done.

Monozukuri heals with Otaku Power – Judit Kawaguchi's (川口ユディ)
Recognized as Japan's top expert on its world-class technology, Kawaguchi's unique take on the connections between monozukuri and otaku culture keep audiences tuning in. His book, Otaku de onnanoko na kuni no monozukuri,

KAITO】When she found out I was a otaku ~English Subbed – ゴシップ
If I found out my boyfriend was an otaku, that'd be even more of a turn on. In my opinion, atlest. MewLillyPad. 2011年7月16日 返信. Meiko, you're part of otaku culture, surely you can be a bit more understanding. PokemonDisneyfan21

AGO Extended Interview, Brianna Berry


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PJAM 2011: Boozie Movies reviews YAKUZA WEAPON – Twitch


PJAM 2011: Boozie Movies reviews YAKUZA WEAPON
Yet, Nikkastu has done well to capitalize on foreign Otaku culture. For all of the gore hounds and fan boys who automatically equate Japanese popular culture with tentacle porn, hyper violent anime, panty vending machines, and the Guinea Pig movies,

Just Fade Away: Music of Cowboy Bebop and Other Sounds for the Discerning Otaku

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Japanese ‘Otaku’ culture is growing by leaps and bounds, and is becoming the next big movement to sweep American Culture. Anime and Video Games are more often becoming valid modes for artistic expression in the area of music. Composer/Producer G-Clef da Mad Komposa and his band Rayzd embark on perh

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