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wouldn’t come out when I introduce myself. There are opinions that anime and manga are for kids,and I’m not going to be considered I am gloomy person. There is a word in Japanese”kakure-Otaku”meaning “manga fan in closet” However,these…

ふら毛 | Living for ザ weekend !!!
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Otaku no Ark: SKE48 Debut Concert in Singapore Member List
A few days ago, AKB48 Singapore has finally release the member list for SKE48 debut concert in Singapore (27 July 2011)! The sentiment from the ground seems to be a tab bit disappointed, but this is not completely unexpected as the date

「プリキュア プリティストア」、東京キャラクターストリートに7月15日
カテゴリーを選択, ○○なもの (21), アニメ (184), DOG DAYS (1), IS (2), SKET DANCE (1), THE IDOLM@STER (5), TIGER & BUNNY (2), WORKING!! (3), あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 (1), うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVE1000% (1), けいおん! (3), けいおん! …… 作者 人生を振り返り、「ちょっと・・・疲れちゃったな・・・」 に otaku 画像の最新情報【Otaku-Girl】 より; ジブリってヒロインがナウシカ顔じゃないと人気でない件 古い絵柄でもナウシカ顔は秀逸だわ… に アニメソング視聴

Otaku Days Ep.1

Triad Toys – Otaku 1.0 Female Figure Body (Caucasian Ver. 2)

価格: 7,500円 レビュー評価: レビュー数:

本体サイズ : 高さ約30センチ 男の子向き 対象年齢 : 15歳から 主な製造国 : 中国 (C)2008 Triad Toys

A Few Minutes With Fanboys Writer Ernest Cline on Ready Player One – Wired (blog)

A Few Minutes With Fanboys Writer Ernest Cline on Ready Player One
Wired (blog)
The two Japanese characters, Daito and Shoto, are based on all of the Otaku (Japanese geeks) I've encountered in movies and anime, and on research I did into Hikikomori, the name given to young Japanese kids (usually boys) who lock themselves in their

K-ON! Yui Hirasawa Nendoroid Action Figure

Price : $46.95 AverageRating : Reviews :
From the huge hit anime that recently finished airing in Japan, ‘K-ON!’, comes a Nendoroid of Yui Hirasawa, the lead guitarist and second Nendroid from K-ON! A large set of additional face parts allow her to beam with a smiling face, sob with a crying face, or be ready for anything with a determined



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