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在宅で出来る人間ドック この度会社を辞めました。 毎年4月に会社で健康診断が行われておりましたが今年はありません。 今年で30歳を過ぎましたし、年齢的にも年に一度は検診を受けたい.

Japan Openings
This job is for folks who can call themselves an otaku or fujoshi who loves anime, manga and games who is in tune with the latest titles. For this position I'm looking for a native Japanese speaker. Don't care what nationality, age or school qualifications you have – all you ….. if only i'm not in the middle of my masters, i would brush up on my japanese and apply! it's nice to know that you are hiring so many people. it would definitely be my dream to work in japan!

11/06/22_DadaD_Go Around_壊れていく世界_百度空间
[01:21.01]信じてる dreams come true [01:24.61]明日を夢見る [01:27.69]Today's for a better day [01:31.36]君へと繋がる [01:35.03]I'm walking oh my own way [01:39.60]Up & Down [01:41.49]Down & Up [01:43.37]yeah, let it go around

昭南島 少女 : Week 22
OTACOOL 1 Worldwide Otaku Rooms 23. OTACOOL 2 Worldwide Cosplayers 24. OTACOOL 3 Worldwide Workspaces 25. Vacation in Tokyo (2009) 26. Vacation in Tasmania (2009) 27. Vacation in Hokkaido/Tokyo (2010) 28. [Love! To Hebe] Music Showcase ( 2011) …. KINAKO: Police Dog Dream 3.5☆ The Incite Mill: 7 Day Death Game 3.5☆ Thor 4.5☆ The Lost Bladesman (关云长) 4☆ Priest 4.5☆ The Green Hornet 4☆ Ghost (ゴースト) 5☆ X-Men: First Class 5☆ Hangover 2 5☆

Otaku’s Dream 5th Anime Mix -PAD Sector- Songlist Preview

Bread. In a Can. – Kotaku

Bread. In a Can.
Delicious (well, somewhat) canned bread. In Japan, canned bread is a tasty treat for otaku. Don't believe me? Among the t-shirts and hug pillows being offered at an upcoming event for Xbox 360 game Dream Club, there are cans of bread.

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