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I Woke Up As An Otaku Girl! (3 Book Series)
I Woke Up As An Otaku Girl! (3 Book Series)


この英文を訳したらどういう意味になりますか? ↓ Nico[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]この英文を訳したらどういう意味になりますか? ↓ Nico Yazawa Nico is third year high school student. She works hard to become an idol day in and day out– [a true idol otaku.] As the others’ upperclassman working hard to become an idol, Nico often bosses Honoka and her friends around. While she may talk big, Nico does mess up a lot, making her an [unexpectedly klutzy girl.] Her rather forced catch phrase is “Nico–Nico–Ni!”和訳希望!! ちょっと長くてわかりずらかったので 英語ので[教養と学問、サイエンス|言葉、語学|英語]和訳希望!! ちょっと長くてわかりずらかったので 英語のできる方、助けてください(*_*) Japan is purely awesome. Using my crappy Japanese let me explain what i mean: “にほん、あいしで。” i was trying to say i love japan…maybe that didnt come out right i dont know xD but anyways, i just went to japan this summer for the first time and it wasnt dissapointing. – Manga /Anime: Even though some of it is perverted i love manga and anime started in 4th grade and i still like it even though im in high school, somewhat of an otaku xD anyhow i love the art the comedy, everything. -Music: the thing i dont really like about Japanese culture is the music the guys are really metal which isnt my thing personally, and the girls really acting over cute and thats not the type of girl i really like i dont know my opinion. but that doesnt make me hate japan its jsut an aspect i dont like as MUCH as the rest. – The Food: nobody can argue that this food is like OFIHSDOHFOS (awesome). Its heavenly…but i’ve been banned from eatting it for a while since the doctor said i have too much sodium in body and Japanese food are to have a lot of sodium..says my mom. -The People: Polite so well disciplined, so polite sometimes i feel akward cause im not as polite back. -The Scenery: Even though i was only at Tokyo, i’ve seen a lot of pictures and heard lots of long stories from friends about the cherry blossom, the mountains and the lakes just awesome i love nature. -THE ARCADE: i dont know its just awesome i got so many dolls from that thing, unlike the ones in China which i currently live in its rigged and like we cant get 1 freaggin plushie doll unless you try 20 times.guh. -The Language: it sounds so awesome and like something of an art, its not like some languages that sound like their constantly yelling at each other. -The Holiday/celebration: everything is so mystical and mesmerizing somthing like the greek Gods…so awesome. Espeically that one where they burn lights on the three mountains! awesome. Source(s): My opinion xD語学が堪能な方、翻訳をお願い致します。 hello tha[エンターテインメントと趣味|音楽|バンド]語学が堪能な方、翻訳をお願い致します。 hello thanks for your message. ogenki? yeah, the guy who wants to get married with a cartoon character must be definitely an Otaku. anyway, it doesn’t have to be a negativ meaning at all. however, I’m not really interested in Manga and Video Games. well, I don’t think you are a Manga-freak. I’m sure you are rather interested in shopping and having a chat with girlfriends in Starbucks,ha,ha…. by the way, do you know the girl band “Perfume”? I have seen them live this year on Summer Sonic in Tokyo. sugoku ippai otaku ga imashita! yoi yume o mite △△△

【予約】夏目友人帳 伍 2
【予約】夏目友人帳 伍 2
出演者名:神谷浩史/井上和彦/発売元:(株)アニプレックス/(株)ソニー・ミュージックマーケティング/発売日:2017年01月25日/5,155 円(税込)/送料無料

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