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2006年4月 メジャー・デビューミニ・アルバム『Dreamer』をリリース。 2006年8月 メジャー・デビュー・フルアルバム『URBAN PIRATES』をリリース。 2007年8月 2ndアルバム『おたくgirlsの宴』をリリース。 2008年2月 2ndミニ・アルバム『マドのむこう』を …

Jeu dit 'du Jeudi' à la manière d'une journée du Densha Otaku
Dans les rues les girls ont pris un petit coup de sang alors je gicle moi aussi. 02_03 14 h 85 : J’arrive enfin à la troisième ville, je n’ai toujours pas mangé (tant pis pour aujourd’hui, peut-être demain hein Benjamin ?). …

Misdo Licca
70s girls for me, the uniform is so moe moe~ I guess a dedicated donuts places we have is Donut King and Crispy Creme. Thu 2010/07/22 14:44:01 JST (ID #797672). Reply. ciana in a vending machine under a bridge (登録日: 2009/06/25) … Student http://absurdnormality.wordpress.com/. It actually isn’t as sweet as you think it is. Definitely not as sweet as the donuts in the US. Thu 2010/07/22 23:41:53 JST (ID #797728). Reply. mel in NY (登録日: 2008/02/05) otaku-ist …

Awesome Cute Anime Girls Slideshow – Tons of Pictures Included (Part 1)


価格: 2,500円 レビュー評価:5.0 レビュー数:8



Les lauréats des Japan Expo Awards 2010 – BoDoï


Les lauréats des Japan Expo Awards 2010
Pour ce qui est de la victoire d'Otaku Girl, c'est un grand pas en avant ! Les lecteurs semblent avoir un réel esprit d'auto-dérision et avoir misé sur

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Soul Eater Death the Kids and Gun Key Chain GE-4831

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Masura's Anime: New Season, New Animes, New Review
… and if you are like me in Colorado, its starting to become the rainy season, which means it can be clear and blue one minute and grey, overcast, and raining the next, but being an otaku that doesn’t worry me too much, spending most of my time inside. …. Now from what we’ve seen this isn’t a monster of the day situation, like Hell Girl, where it was very pretty, but you really had to wait until after the first season to really get into the story line. …



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