otaku notって知ってます?

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します。 Otaku have an worse image in Japanese. Because of the people who loves anime and manga are tend to be viewed very not interested in fashion and other things. I love manga but I wouldn’t come out when I introduce myself. There are…

( by kaden-otakuさん ); 耳つぼジュエリー「VENUS JEWEL」 ( by yujin00さん ). 須田亜香里オフィシャルブログ $♪アストラルゆきりんとじゅりなとだーすーのブログ♪ 松井珠理奈オフィシャルブログ $♪アストラルゆきりんとじゅりなとだーすーのブログ♪ 木崎ゆりあオフィシャルブログ 「【新企画】たくさん良く褒めるNo.1」 http://ameblo.jp/nightshadm0/entry-10962197150.html. 7/23 1:27. 「急遽寝ます」 http://ameblo.jp/nightshadm0/entry-10962207087.html. 7/23 1:47

Another: World is Mine | Miku DataBase – Vocaloid discography
Though it's not my style. It's not bad actually. If you're loved this much. I belive you'll notice it one day. I don't understand everything about you, probably never will. A shortcake with strawberry on top

NO FUTURE TOKYO FOR SALE · NFK STICKERS FOR SALE. MORE INFO: maguro999@hotmail.com 三菱東京UFJ銀行 尾山台支店 (普通)3899325 ウスイヒデユキ 2500yen/pack ship to worldwide: 3500yen/pack incl. sh.

One Piece – In The End

Akiba’s Trip Playtest: Otaku And Vampires Intermingle In Akihabara – Siliconera

Akiba's Trip Playtest: Otaku And Vampires Intermingle In Akihabara
Kageyashi's name for it, not theirs). For a game taking place in a world of otaku and stalking cameramen, it's a somewhat surprisingly serious story. True to the title, Akiba's Trip — or, alternatively, “Akiba Strip” — takes place in Akihabara.

Otaku No Video

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OTAKU NO VIDEO – DVD Movie A true treat for true fans of any genre, Otaku No Video (Fan’s Video”) is an outrageous “mockumentary” that combines the superb animation that made Gainax one of Japan’s best-loved animation studios with truly strange interviews with “real fans.” The result is a thinly fi



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