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します。 Otaku have an worse image in Japanese. Because of the people who loves anime and manga are tend to be viewed very not interested in fashion and other things. I love manga but I wouldn’t come out when I introduce myself. There are…

「しみじみと歩いている」上映会 – ねごろのぷくぷく日記3
YouTubeと連動しながら主に日本のセクシュアルマイノリティに関する情報を発信。2007年『No Border~世界のLGBTからのメッセージ』(尾辻かな子さんと共同監督)、2009年『竜超の現代狂養講座 同性愛とテレビジョン』監督。共に東京国際レズビアン&ゲイ

oTaKu DeSu!~ | Vongola: Rebocon 5!!! [info: date & venue & cast]
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Filco FKBN87MC/NPEK Tactile Click “Otaku” from elitekeyboards.com

Akiba’s Trip Playtest: Otaku And Vampires Intermingle In Akihabara – Siliconera

Akiba's Trip Playtest: Otaku And Vampires Intermingle In Akihabara
Kageyashi's name for it, not theirs). For a game taking place in a world of otaku and stalking cameramen, it's a somewhat surprisingly serious story. True to the title, Akiba's Trip — or, alternatively, “Akiba Strip” — takes place in Akihabara.

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