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します。 Otaku have an worse image in Japanese. Because of the people who loves anime and manga are tend to be viewed very not interested in fashion and other things. I love manga but I wouldn’t come out when I introduce myself. There are…

一週間の東京 68
Extroverted Otaku in マレーシア [www]. 2011/08/14 11:51. 登録日: 2010/02/10. Student / Part-time 奴隷. Poll #95 Answer: XiaoMei. Report. miyoshi82 in San Diego, CA [www]. 2011/08/14 11:53. 登録日: 2010/11/28. Unemployed IT and Vlogger …. Usually that might not help me much, but somewhere down the line I will meet someone who really influences my life. Report. demi in Canada. 2011/08/14 12:12. 登録日: 2009/01/10. Danmaku Shrine Maiden. Poll #95 Answer: Cheeeeeeeeen!

たいたんnoページ | コミケ80 ぷちレポート(二日目)
Original: 2560×1920, Exposure: Program AE, 1/250, f/8.0, ISO: 125. Model: DSC-HX5V, Lens: Flash: Off, Did not fire Original: 2560×1920, Exposure: Program AE, 1/80, f/4.5, ISO: 800. Model: DSC-HX5V, Lens: Flash: Off, Did not fire

SHOTGUN JUSTICE (Sakuma's favorite dub) « kafka-fuura
Circle: OTAKU-ELITE Recordings Album: 戦車を駆りて、■■は // tohoREWORX vol.1+2. Event: 東方紅楼夢6 // C80. ホンモノのジャスティス 右腕に捕まえ. SHOTGUN JUSTICE 左の胸ブチ抜く借りもんのジャスティス 麻縄で吊るして. SHOW YOU MY JUSTICE ハゲタカにくれてやる But no matter how much you wander in 'justice' if you place your bet on the losing horse. You're still going to drawn all through town, that's the law! 誤報と笑うもよし、くたばるもまた一流のジャスティス

Otaku Productions -Trigun “Eden”

Otaku Unite [DVD] [Import]

価格: 1,630円 レビュー評価: レビュー数:


Lovefool 08.15.11 | Cooking Up a Conversation – Play by Play

Lovefool 08.15.11 | Cooking Up a Conversation
Play by Play
complete with token supernerds (or otaku, for the supernerds reading this). Her books, such as the blush-inducing Gerard and Jacques, can be fairly smutty, but she wraps it up in conversation and, sometimes, period clothing so no one has to admit

Bome Collection Volume 20: “Otaku No Video” Misty May Figure

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Imported from Japan! Misty May is the magical anime girl character created by the hero of Studio Gainax’s classic 1991 anime, Otaku No Video, a comedy anime not only spoofing the life and culture of Japanese “otaku” (basically, the Japanese equivalent of a “fanboy”) but the history of Studio Gainax



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